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Wildlife Removal in Richmond, Va

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Wildlife Removal in Richmond, Va

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Richmond, Va, is a beautiful city with diverse wildlife, but sometimes these animals can become a nuisance or even a danger to your property and family. As a resident or business owner in Richmond, it's essential to understand the common wildlife issues and the importance of professional wildlife removal and control services. At Handyman Richmond Va, we specialize in providing comprehensive solutions for all your wildlife removal needs.

Understanding Richmond's Wildlife

Richmond is home to various wildlife species, including opossums, skunks, birds, and squirrels. While these animals play a crucial role in the ecosystem, they can cause problems when they invade human spaces. Opossums and skunks may take up residence under your deck or in your crawl space, while birds and squirrels can cause damage to your roof and attic. Each species has unique characteristics and potential issues, making professional removal services essential.

Our Wildlife Removal Services

At Handyman Richmond Va, we offer a wide range of wildlife removal services to address any issue you may face. Our expert team is trained to handle various situations, from rodent control to bird control and the humane removal of larger mammals. We also provide related services such as pest control, exterminator services, and eco-friendly pest solutions to ensure your property remains free from unwanted wildlife and pests.

Rodent and Small Mammal Removal

Rodents like rats, mice, and squirrels can cause significant damage to your property and pose health risks. Our professionals use humane removal methods and expert techniques to eliminate rodent infestations effectively. We understand the importance of acting quickly to prevent further damage and health hazards, and we are committed to providing prompt and reliable service.

Bird Control and Removal

Birds like pigeons and starlings can create unsanitary conditions and damage your property. Our bird control and removal services employ safe and effective techniques to keep these nuisance birds away from your home or business. We use humane methods to ensure the well-being of the birds while protecting your property from their droppings and nests.

Larger Wildlife Management

Dealing with larger wildlife, such as skunks and opossums, can be challenging and potentially dangerous. Our professionals have the expertise and equipment to safely and humanely remove these animals from your property. We understand the complexities involved in handling larger wildlife and take every precaution to ensure the safety of both the animals and your family.

Why Choose Us for Wildlife Removal in Richmond

Choosing Handyman Richmond Va for your wildlife removal needs means working with experienced professionals who prioritize humane and environmentally friendly methods. We offer comprehensive solutions, from initial assessment to final cleanup, ensuring your property is free from wildlife and any damage they may have caused. Our satisfied customers can attest to our dedication and effectiveness:

“Handyman Richmond Va provided excellent service when we discovered a family of skunks living under our porch. They removed the animals humanely and made sure they couldn't return. We highly recommend their services!” – John and Mary, Richmond residents

Eco-Friendly and Humane Wildlife Solutions

At Handyman Richmond Va, we believe in using eco-friendly pest solutions and treating animals humanely during the removal process. We prioritize the use of environmentally safe products and methods to minimize our impact on the ecosystem. Our team is committed to ethical wildlife control practices, ensuring the well-being of both the animals and your family.

Residential and Commercial Wildlife Control

Our wildlife removal services cater to both residential and commercial properties in Richmond, Va. We understand that each property type has unique requirements and challenges, and we tailor our solutions accordingly. Whether you're a homeowner dealing with a squirrel infestation or a business owner facing a bird control issue, we have the expertise to address your specific needs.

Emergency Wildlife Removal and Prevention Tips

If you're facing an urgent wildlife issue, don't hesitate to contact Handyman Richmond Va for emergency wildlife removal. Our team is available to provide prompt assistance and remove the offending animals from your property quickly and safely. To reduce the chances of future wildlife problems, we recommend the following prevention tips:

    • Seal potential entry points, such as gaps in your roof or foundation


    • Keep your property clean and free of food sources that may attract wildlife


    • Regularly inspect your property for signs of animal activity


    • Schedule professional inspections and integrated pest management services


Get a Fast, Free Quote Today

Don't let wildlife issues escalate – contact Handyman Richmond Va today for a fast, free quote. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will assess your situation and provide a customized solution to meet your needs. Experience the peace of mind that comes with professional wildlife removal services and take the first step towards a wildlife-free property.

FAQ Section

Is wildlife removal safe for my pets?
Yes, our professionals use humane and pet-friendly methods to ensure the safety of your furry friends during the removal process.


How long does wildlife removal take?
The time required for wildlife removal depends on the extent of the infestation and the type of animal involved. Our team will provide you with an estimated timeline during your initial consultation.


Can you remove any type of wildlife?
We are equipped to handle a wide variety of wildlife, including rodents, birds, skunks, and opossums. If you have a specific issue, please contact us for more information.


Do you offer preventative measures to keep wildlife away?
Yes, we provide preventative services such as property inspections and sealing potential entry points to minimize the risk of future wildlife intrusions.


Are your wildlife removal services guaranteed?
Yes, all our work is guaranteed by the contractor carrying out the job, ensuring your satisfaction and the effectiveness of our services.



Dealing with wildlife issues in Richmond, Va, can be stressful and overwhelming, but with Handyman Richmond Va, you have a reliable and experienced partner to handle all your wildlife removal needs. Our comprehensive services, eco-friendly methods, and commitment to humane treatment make us the top choice for residential and commercial properties alike. Don't wait until a wildlife problem escalates – contact us today for a free quote and consultation, and let our experts help you reclaim your space and peace of mind.


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